Attaining a Bookkeeping Degree – What Your Responsibilities Will Be

You might think that bookkeeping is a boring job that only involves numbers, keeping accounts balanced, and all of that other fun financial stuff. However, that is not quite true and there is a lot more that goes into this job that just keeping books per say. After you get a bookkeeping degree, maybe online in the UK, what are your responsibilities going to be?

The Primary Responsibilities of a Bookkeeper

There are actually dozens of different responsibilities that you will face after you have attained your bookkeeping degree. Let’s take a look at some of the main ones.

  1. One responsibility you will have is to monitor the level of necessary office supplies and order new supplied when needed.
  2. After getting an online bookkeeping degree, you will be tasked with purchasing all kinds of supplies and equipment as needed by the office.
  3. You will be tasked with paying the invoices of suppliers in a fairly timely manner.
  4. You will have to tag, monitor, and take care of various fixed assets.
  5. Another responsibility will be to pay any debts as payment time comes near. At the same time, you will also be monitoring debt levels and make sure that the company’s borrowing habits stay within compliance.
  6. You will be tasked with recording all sorts of cash receipts and making bank deposits on behalf of your workplace.
  7. You will also have to conduct monthly reconciliations of all bank accounts. At the same time, conducting regular reconciliations of all accounts to make sure that they are in order will be another duty you face as a bookkeeping specialist.
  8. You will be tasked with maintaining the petty cash fund for any small office expenses that employees may incur.
  9. Another duty will be to assemble accurate information for external accountants as well as for any auditors that may audit the company.
  10. A main duty of a bookkeeper is to conduct financial analysis of all financial statements.
  11. You will be tasked with maintaining a fairly orderly accounting and filing system for everything financial.
  12. Another big duty of a bookkeeper is to conduct payroll so that employees can get paid.

A Bookkeeper’s Responsibilities

As you can see, getting your online bookkeeping degree can be quite exciting actually. It is a very multifaceted job with lots of responsibilities that you will need to take care of. It really is a great career path to follow.