MultiKultura - Introduction

Welcome to MultiKultura, where you can improve your language skills in French, German and Spanish. Anyone, from students at school to adults wishing to practice or brush up their language skills and deepen their cultural knowledge, will find this site very useful.

MultiKultura offers free online resources for Modern Foreign Language learning. Created by the University of Cambridge Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages in collaboration with secondary school teachers and pupils, it aims to motivate learners of Modern Languages, with the hope that they will aspire to further their study of languages. MultiKultura has created a knowledge bank of culturally-based, themed modules in three different languages under six subject headings:

Art and Culture
Geography and Society
Science and Technology
Sport and Leisure

Using the National Curriculum as the core, materials have been set at three levels.

Level One: GCSE Level Two: AS-Level Level Three: A-Level

Students can click between languages and levels to explore different themes, finding encouragement for increasing their knowledge and language skills by being exposed to stimulating and inspiring material.